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5223 Haverford Drive, Lyndhurst Ohio 44124

Mobile: 330.232.5466

I'm not here to make stuff look pretty.

I'm here to make it
visually unique
and functional.


Art Direction Digital Design Photography



Like most designers, I started honing my craft in print. Both format and paper choices leave a world of possibilities.


Environmental Design

I’ve always been fond of architecture. Once I started working more in the 3D space, I realize I can become a better designer.


Digital Design

The speed of digital is both gratifying and frustrating. There is always something on the horizon to learn. Sometimes I just want to take the time to master the platform before it dies.


Photo & Video

I picked up a camera in college and have never really put it down since. Technology has made it easier to move directly into video and editing. Only problem now is I’m wearing too many hats.


"Good design is unobtrusive."

I often approach design the way I approach life. Just get out of the way. Design should be neutral. Let words and photos do most of the work.